Bottom Line Equipment, LLC Recently Celebrated Their 11th Anniversary

28033_lHappy 11th Anniversary, Bottom Line Equipment!

Below is a letter from their CEO/Owner/Founder, Kurt Degueyter:

Eleven years ago today, I signed the documents that created Bottom Line Equipment, LLC. On July 27th, 2005 the State of Louisiana issued our Certificate that officially recognized the entity that we all know as Bottom Line Equipment, LLC.

My original plan was to use this new entity to buy and sell used equipment from my home in Lafayette. I had very little capital to invest in equipment, nor did I have the ability to borrow money from the banks for inventory, so I was basically a broke equipment broker. I reached out to local contractors asking if they had any equipment they needed to sell or if they were looking to buy any equipment. Working by phone and email I was able to find a few pieces of equipment that a contractor needed sold and I was able to find a buyer within a couple of days. I basically had to sell the units and use the buyer’s money to pay the owner, keeping a small profit for Bottom Line Equipment.

By the middle of August 2005, I had convinced a local bank (by putting my home up as collateral) to extend me a small line of credit to purchase equipment. Five days before Katrina struck, Bottom Line Equipment actually purchased it’s 1st pieces of equipment for resale, we were the proud owners of 2 Case backhoes with hammers. As Katrina was devastating the coast of Southeast LA and Mississippi, I maxed out the line of credit on my home and bought truck loads of grapple buckets, thumbs and rakes not knowing how or if I would be able to obtain the capital to buy the machines to use these attachments.

As I write this today, I am still amazed everyday at what a force Bottom Line has become in our industry. Never in my dreams did I imagine that Bottom Line Equipment would become the size company that it is today. In the beginning, every single transaction from the purchase, to the trucking, to the delivery, repairs and sale or rent went through me, with Kim doing the paper work (cleaning up my messes). When Corey came onboard in Nov 2005, I had a pile of paperwork that I handed Corey as I told him to figure it out and make it happen. I had delivered the machines and collected the money, but we probably still needed to bill the customer.

I wanted to share some of the very basic history of Bottom Line so all could understand our roots. Specialty Attachments and A Make it Happen Attitude is in Bottom Line Equipment’s DNA. For anyone who is reading this, that is a parent, you can probably relate to what I am about to share. When a child is born, you as a parent have to do everything for the infant so that it can grow. But at some point the child becomes less dependent on you and that child becomes an individual independent of you. Though it may have your DNA and you influenced it’s personality and beliefs and values. It is no longer dependent on you for all of its needs and will begin to do things on its own. That is exactly how I view Bottom Line Equipment. I conceived Bottom Line Equipment, nurtured it and gave it the tools for success but Bottom Line today is a force of its own independent of me.

Our growth, development and success over the last 11 years is directly attributable to our employees, our vendors and our customers who have contributed in each their own way to this company. Our future is in your hands. Bottom Line depends on you today the way it depended on me in the beginning.

I would like to thank all who have believed in Bottom Line and contributed to our success and I would also like to thank my family for enduring the sacrifices of an absentee Dad and Husband as I focused on nurturing Bottom Line Equipment. Now most importantly I want to thank God for giving me the courage to do one of the scariest things I have ever done, risking everything to create a company that now touches so many lives and that’s the Bottom Line!
Kurt A. Degueyter
Bottom Line Equipment, LLC

You can view all of Bottom Line Equipment, LLC’s Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.