ALLU M-Series Screener Crushers Designed For Soft Rock Mining

IMG_0389[1]New Jersey-based ALLU Group, Inc. introduces its NEW Mining Series all-in-one screener crusher attachment for the mining industry. It made its North American debut at CONEXPO-CON/AGG March 4-8, 2014. The M-Series processes a wide variety of mined materials, including coal, oil shale, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, phosphate, salt and other soft rock. With the extraction of resources from the ground becoming ever more expensive and complex, ALLU’s innovative processing bucket, with its ability to load, carry, crush and place material either into stockpiles or directly into trucks. It converts a mines wheel loader or excavator into a high-capacity mobile primary or secondary processing plant, reducing both capital investment and operating costs for the mine owner. Crushing, screening, mixing and loading are achieved in a one step process that can easily be moved around a site on a loader and/or excavator. These attachments can be utilized in both open-pit and underground mining applications without the need for the huge capital costs associated with a stationary crushing and screening plant. The ALLU M-Series attachment allows the processing machine to be brought to the material and not the material to the machine.

Purpose-built to match the mining industry’s need to aggressively engage the materials bank, the M-Series screener crusher buckets are strategically positioned out in front of the carrier when mounted on a loader. A typical bucket of material can be crushed and processed in less than 60 seconds providing a processing capacity of up to 650 tons per hour. There are 4 M-series model, each with the ability to produce 3-4 different fragment sizes and fit wheel loaders from 50-140 metric tons as well as excavators from 60-250 metric tons. The hydraulically-operated hinged mount plate allows an M-Series screener crusher attachment to also be used as a loading bucket, above and below ground, with normal load-and-carry characteristics, including maximum breakout force.

IMG_0331[1]When processing material to produce different finished product size, typically in the 4+ inch range, the M-Series screener crusher mount plate position directsmaterial flow protecting the carrier from stray material. The patented rear-mounted drum and bearing design uses three rotating crushing drums that are powered by a hydraulic motor.

Installation of the M-Series screener crusher includes a wired control panel located inside the operator’s cab of the carrier machine. This monitors key data to the screener crusher’s performance, including hydraulics, temperature and bucket angle, as well as providing a link for real-time ALLU after-sales service. As with standard buckets, the M-Series screener crusher is designed with changeable wear parts.

ALLU Group offers a complete line of technologically advanced windrow turning, soil stabilizing and attachments to crush, pulverize and screen material for asphalt, compost, environmental, recycling, green waste, demolition and pipeline industries. ALLU Group is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

You can view all of ALLU Group’s Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.

For more information, contact ALLU Group, 700 Huyler Street, Teterboro, NJ 07608 USA; phone 800-939-2558; fax 201-288-4479; email; or visit

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