The New TB1140 Series 2 Excavator from Takeuchi


While it’s exciting for all of us here at Takeuchi to talk about our newest products, like our TL10 and TL12, and our new TS series skid steers, it’s also really important for us to continue our innovation process within our existing product lines. We owe it to our loyal customers to meet the needs of the market, and to continually ask ourselves, “can we do this better?”

Earlier this month, we announced the availability of the new TB1140 SERIES 2 excavator. An updated version of a tried-and-true model, this machine features a new engine that is EPA Interim Tier 4 compliant, as well as several other improvements that help make this excavator one of the most versatile machines in its size class. Some of the things that make this such a useful machine are the handy features typically only fond in smaller machines. When you combine features like the pivot boom system, standard dozer blade with float and the available rubber, steel track options into a larger package that the TB1140 SERIES 2 delivers, you end up with one of the most versatile excavators on the jobsite.


We’ve upgraded the TB1140 with an Isuzu 3.0L turbocharged engine with intercooler, high-pressure common rail injection, cooled EGR system and a DPF/DPD exhaust after-treatment system. We’ve also included an upgraded cooling system with a side‐by‐side design that provides exceptional cooling of the engine coolant, engine air and hydraulic oil.

New Performance Features

We’ve also added new backlit ergonomic rocker switches for controlling the newest features of the machine. The Eco Work Mode switch limits maximum engine speed and optimizes machine performance to help achieve an 8‐15% improvement in fuel consumption. To further reduce fuel consumption and lower engine noise levels, the Auto Idle system slows the engine to low idle when the machine is not actively being used. The engine speed then returns to the previously set position when the operator actuates a hydraulic function to easily resume operation. We’ve also incorporated a High Elevation Mode that matches the hydraulic performance to the available engine power when operating above 6,500 feet. A DPF/DPD Prohibit Switch allows the operator to temporarily disable the active regeneration cycle when working in certain conditions or when performing maintenance on the machine.

Attachment Versatility

New Multiple Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuits and Adjustable Work Modes allow several attachment combinations to be operated at one time, and provide easy adjustments to match the machine’s performance to the specific requirements of a given attachment. The primary circuit has three selectable modes that can each be configured for specific attachments while the secondary circuit has a single adjustable mode.

  • Primary Circuit
    High Flow Auxiliary is now a standard feature for the primary auxiliary line, and the adjustable flow system can be configured to deliver from 0 to 59 gpm (224 L/min) to the attachment and allows three easily selectable attachment modes for customers who interchange attachments on a regular basis.
  • Secondary Circuit
    Low Flow Auxiliary is independently controlled using a proportional slide switch on the right joystick handle. The adjustable flow system can deliver up to 14.5 gpm (55 L/min) to the secondary attachment.
  • Third Circuit
    The third circuit is intended for operating an approved hydraulic quick-attach coupler and maintaining latching pressure when the machine is in operation. It requires the activation of two functions and it provides audible and visual alerts before allowing the release of the attachment.

Detent Mode provides continuous flow for the primary auxiliary circuit in one direction and it is ideally suited for motor-driven attachments, which are operated for longer periods of time.

Additional Features

Our Heavy Counterweight is now standard and provides greater operating stability, especially when larger buckets, couplers, or heavy attachment combinations are installed. A Boom and Arm Holding and Lowering System enables the operator to maintain control of the boom and arm in the event of a hose failure, and it allows the controlled lowering of attachments with the engine off. The system also utilizes a lift alarm system that can alert the operator when the machine is at or near its hydraulic lifting capacity.

The undercarriage is just as adaptable as the rest of the machine. You can choose from a true continuous 20” wide rubber track, a 24” wide triple grouser steel track or a 20” Road Liner style track that uses a steel chain combined rubber integrated into the steel grouser for the ultimate combination of durability and versatility.

A new Heavy Duty Dozer Blade with Float helps stabilize the machine when digging, and it allows the machine to move and back drag material when finishing or dressing a work site. We’ve also updated the interior with automatic climate control and defrost modes, AM/FM/MP3 Radio, an air suspension seat and a convenient 12v power outlet for long days on site for those long workdays.

As you can see, we’ve made some dramatic improvements to our TB1140. We pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of compact construction and earth-moving equipment technology, and we will continue to work towards meeting the needs of today’s contractors.

The new TB1140 Series 2 excavators are available and ready to ship. For more information, contact your local Takeuchi dealer.


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