Tesmec USA to Introduce Its New Line of Multipurpose Excavators: The GALLMAC

IMG_5211Tesmec USA, Inc. and its parent company, The Tesmec Group, are proud to announce that Tesmec USA, Inc. will begin to distribute the GALLMAC product line in the North American and Caribbean markets, effective January 1, 2013.

Tesmec USA, Inc. is located in Alvarado, Texas and has been in operation since 1984, primarily in the market of high performance trenchers.  From their facility in Alvarado, Tesmec USA engineers, manufacturers, and service department supports their wide range of trenching equipment.  The Tesmec Group is active in the design, engineering, production and marketing of integrated solutions for the construction and maintenance of infrastructures such as aerial and underground networks, and pipelines; among its core businesses is the GALLMAC multipurpose excavator.

GALLMAC machines receive high praise due to their overall versatility, programmable hydraulic functions and multitude of attachment possibilities.  The GALLMAC machine meets each specific needs of each customer.  GALLMAC machines perform well in many applications including, but not limited to; road construction, residential development, industrial environments, and municipality/utility work. The GALLMAC machine has the capabilities to perform hammering, drilling, trenching, boring, plowing, hoisting, wall & pavement milling, mowing, ditch cleaning/scraping, and as well as many other functions. The capabilities of the GALLMAC can be summarized in four groups:  loading, lifting, excavation, and special applications.  For this reason, GALLMAC machines cannot be compared to traditional excavators and backhoes.

IMG_6634The GALLMAC machine is road accessible and with the optional rail conversion kit can be operated on rails as well as the road.  As an example, the GALLMAC has available attachment capabilities such as front bucket, stone front bucket, reverse bucket, 4-in-1 bucket, pallet forks, forks, lifting hook on boom, telescopic arm, rocksaw trencher, mower, chainsaw trencher, hydraulic hammer, boring attachment, milling attachment and many others.

Tesmec USA, Inc. will begin in January of 2013 to develop their North American dealer network for the GALLMAC product line.  Tesmec USA, Inc. hopes to develop long, mutually beneficial relationships with a group of dedicated dealers that allow them to work together to bring the GALLMAC product to every construction site in North America.

Tesmec USA, Inc. will provide sales, parts and service support from their headquarters in Alvarado, Texas.

If interested in discussing a potential dealership for the GALLMAC product line, please contact:

Bryan Blankenship, National Sales Manager


Phone: 817.559.2958    Email: bblankenship@tesmec.com