New Hydraulic Trowel Offers Unique Features for the Professional Finisher


CRT 60-66K hydraulic ride-on trowel

The newest innovation to hit the concrete industry is Wacker Neuson’s professional 10-foot ride-on trowel. The CRT 60-66K provides finishers with a new experience in pr0fessional finishing with a combined fully hydraulic drive with patented two mode electric hydraulic steering.

Wacker Neuson’s new professional ride-on trowel offers three patent-pending features that concrete contractors will welcome.  The new CRT 60-66K, combines the high performance of a hydraulic drive unit with a patent-pending (1)two-mode electro-hydraulic steering system, (2) an engine power regulation system and (3) built-in hydraulic wheel kit, plus other unique features that make this new unit a real industry stand-out.  This innovative design uses the best of all worlds to offer a high performance and easy to operate hydraulic drive ride-on trowel and is a concept that has not been offered in the concrete finishing market until now.

Power Steering System
The CRT 60-66K, 60-inch ride-on trowel is the first in the industry to combine fully hydraulic drive performance with a power steering system that makes operation more comfortable and the trowel more responsive to the operator’s commands.  The patent-pending two mode power steering system allows operators to select the response of the joysticks to meet their preference and best suit the concrete conditions.  Steering mode 1 is more comfortable for the operator who tends to use full range movements of the joysticks.  In this mode, the steering response is filtered to reduce the effects of exaggerated operator input.  Mode 2 is designed for the operator who uses smaller, more delicate movements with the joysticks, guaranteeing a more direct joystick behavior.  The operator can switch between modes depending on conditions and operator preference. This makes the machine more versatile, especially for larger contractors who employ many operator.

Engine power regulation system
Sometimes the most innovative design concepts are not outwardly apparent to the user.  This is the case with Wacker Neuson’s new engine power regulation system.  Similar to an automatic transmission on a car, this patent-pending feature uses a computer controller to constantly monitor engine speed and adjust hydraulic load.  This keeps the unit running seamlessly at optimal engine and blade speed for maximum power input to the concrete.

CRT 60-66K with integrated wheels

CRT 60-66K with integrated wheels

Built-in hydraulic wheel kit
The patent-pending built-in hydraulic wheel kit is an innovation that operators will embrace immediately.  The operator can easily raise the machine on the front and back wheels.  The real time-saving benefit for the operator is that he can now raise the machine to change pans or blades without a crane or fork lift.  This also allows for easier movement around parts of the job site and shop.  

Additional unique features
Wacker Neuson’s new CRT 60-66K offers an exclusive electronic cruise control that provides a more consistent speed and is easy to set by simply holding the pedal at the required speed and tapping the button to set.  To cancel the operator simply needs to tap the button or pedal.   Other features include structural fork lift pockets that extend through the entire frame and integral lifting points that allow the trowel to be lift by triangle strap or vertical chains.  Portions of the ring guard can also be removed to further simplify blade changes.

Wacker Neuson’s new 60-inch, CRT 60-66K is the largest model of Wacker Neuson’s extensive concrete ride-on trowel line.  Contractors and dealers will find that this new industry model meets or exceeds competitive model’s specifications.  Powered by a 66-hp Kubota turbo diesel engine, this unit offers a high blade speed of up to 155 rpm, hydraulic blade pitch, 2-speed engine throttle and large 12-gallon fuel tank that offers four hours of uninterrupted run time.  Weighing in at 2400 pounds, with six blades per rotor and a path width of 123-inches, Wacker Neuson’s CRT 60-66K is the ideal machine for professional concrete contractors looking for high performance on large jobs.