New Cat® Product Link™ PL421 Module Supports More Comprehensive Equipment Management

VisionLink display of mixed fleet.

Caterpillar introduces the newest addition to the Cat® Product Link suite of hardware offerings. The new PL421 hardware provides customers a lower-cost track-and-trace option to support total fleet monitoring and management capabilities.

The PL421 provides basic asset monitoring capability for 12-volt and 24-volt applications through machine operating hours and location reporting, and it has geographic fencing capabilities and maintenance management features. The PL421 hardware supports off-board data transmission via 2G GSM cellular networks.

For assets with electronically controlled systems and a communication link that adheres to the SAE J1939 public network standard, the PL421 offers the ability to monitor health and utilization data, where available.

VisionLink display of fuel utilization.

The module is rugged, designed for use in harsh environments. And for managers of fleets with more than just Cat equipment, the PL421 is designed to support machines, auxiliary equipment, generator sets and vocational trucks, regardless of make or model.

Cat Product Link is a robust remote monitoring and asset management solution, enabling powerful tools that transform data from an entire fleet into the essential information required to boost productivity, reduce costs and manage risks. Product Link’s intuitive interface, VisionLink, makes it easy to monitor data from your whole fleet, and then zoom in for a detailed look at individual assets.

For more information on remotely monitoring and managing your fleet with Product Link, contact your local Cat dealer

VisionLink display of fuel utilization.