Komatsu to Launch Worldwide Sales of “Xcentric™ Ripper” Attachments for Use in Rock Breaking and Demolition

Komatsu Ltd.   has recently acquired the exclusive distribution rights for “Xcentric™ Ripper” attachments for use in rock breaking and demolition in 82 countries and regions of the world from Grado Cero Sistemas S.L. of Spain. During the first half period of FY2013, Komatsu is going to launch sales of nine models, designed to fit 7-ton to 150-ton excavators in range, starting in China and the United States where strong demand is projected. Following these initial sales, Komatsu plans to engage in worldwide sales.

“Xcenteric™ Ripper” is used with hydraulic excavators in a variety of work, ranging from quarrying, road construction and underwater construction to demolition. Compared to today’s mainstream hydraulic breakers, the “Xcentric™ Ripper” features outstanding productivity and ease of maintenance in addition to lowered noise.

In October 2012, Komatsu created the Aftermarket Business Division, and has since worked to expand its product mix of attachments, GET (ground-engaging tools) and undercarriages by positioning them as Strategic Parts, in tandem with further reinforcement of its sales capability. By promoting worldwide sales of “Xcentric™ Ripper” attachments which boast superior productivity, Komatsu is better positioned to help more customers enhance their work efficiency.


Features of “Xcentric™ Ripper” attachments

1.By adopting the mechanism in which vibrations generated by the eccentric gears are amplified in the accumulator, the “Xcentric™ Ripper” enables efficient rock breaking and demolition, thereby achieving improved productivity.

2.Because of its simple structure with no areas exposing to direct forceful impact or friction, the “Xcentric™ Ripper” allows for ease of maintenance.

3.Because the “Xcentric™ Ripper” has no impact mechanism, it achieves low-noise work performance on par with that of using buckets.

4.Because its moving part has an airtight structure, the “Xcentric™ Ripper” generates minimal environmental impact and can be used under water.

Outline of Grado Cero Sistemas S.L.

Name: Grado Cero Sistemas S.L.
Established: 1990
Head office: Alava, Spain
Representative: Mr. Javier Aracama
Line of business: Manufacturing and selling Bucket, Coupler and Ripper
No. of employees: Approx. 60

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