Kobelco Excavators Prove Their Worth in Bridge Demolition

Contractor Greg Bair Track Hoe Service put their fleet of Kobelco excavators to the test in the demolition of the Nolan Road Bridge, west of Kansas City, Missouri.  Time was of the essence: demolition of the four-lane interstate overpass, which started at 3 am on a Saturday had to be completed in 18 hours, before the Monday morning rush hour.

Greg Bair, founder and president of Greg Bair Track Hoe Service, decided to direct this operation himself, as the extreme time pressure on such a complex project required extra attention to coordination.  He put his crew to work with twelve Kobelco excavators mounted with breakers, crushers, buckets and cutters, and the demolition was completed ahead of schedule by 3 am on Sunday morning.

“The Kobelco excavators gave an outstanding performance– even the brand new SK295 I had to bring to the job with less than 12 hours of break-in time!” stated Greg Bair.  “I know I can always depend on them for the hardest jobs.”

Greg Bair started his company in 1992 with one excavator.  Over the years he has grown his business and today he runs a fleet of 21 Kobelco excavators ranging in from 15 tons to 40 tons.

Source: http://www.kobelcoamerica.com/news/detail/Pages/KobelcoExcavatorsProveTheirWorthinBridgeDemolition.aspx

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