Hitachi Introduced SkyAngle Advanced Peripheral Vision Support System at MINExpo

Hitachi introduced SkyAngle, a brand new camera monitoring system, at the MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® trade show in Las Vegas last week.

The new technology, which was developed in conjunction with Clarion Co., Ltd, takes synthesized images from several wide-angle cameras mounted on the truck and displays them in the cab. This results in a comprehensive “bird’s-eye-view” of the surrounding machinery.

In addition to the proximity of machinery, the operator can switch to a “zoom display” or “wide display” mode, enabling more comprehensive monitoring of a wide area.

“The safety benefits of the SkyAngle system are tremendous. It allows operators to quickly grasp what is occurring around the machinery, such as position of other equipment, service vehicles or people,” said Ryan Blades, Division Manager, Hitachi Mining. “This technology is yet another example of how Hitachi – by focusing only on shovels and haulers − is able to produce highly-efficient and productive machinery for mining operators across the world.

The new overview monitoring system is Hitachi’s latest development in a slew of initiatives designed to enhance on-site safety.

In 2001, the company was the first in the competitive landscape to launch a monitoring system that featured a rear-view camera and display as optional equipment for hydraulic excavators. And in 2006, Hitachi Mining was the first company to introduce this type of monitoring system as a standard feature on all hydraulic excavators that are 6.5 tons or larger.

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System components

  • Four cameras (front, rear, right side, left side)
  • Image synthesis controller (inside operator’s compartment)
  • Display (inside operator’s compartment