Feeding the Steel Industry

Established in 1892, Qingdao port has developed into one of the world’s biggest and most important ports. It trades with more than 450 ports in more than 130 countries and regions and was the world’s seventh-largest port in 2010. One of its primary duties is receiving iron ore to feed the country’s steel industry, and in this task, it excels. Globalization and the deepening of China’s market economy have given the Qingdao port the opportunity to become a leader in ore port operations: It is already the number one importer of iron ore in the world and the world’s most efficient port in iron ore unloading.

At the heart of Qingdao port’s ability to move so much ore is Caterpillar and its high-quality machines. Take the Qiangang Company of Qingdao Port Group as an example. Its annual dispatch capacity has increased from millions of tons in 1992 to hundreds of millions of tons in 2012 thanks to Cat® wheel loaders. There are now nearly one hundred Cat 936C, 966F, 966H, 980C, 980G and 980H wheel loaders working in the new and old port areas of Qingdao port. Extensively managed and operated by the port, Cat machines have also created an unusual record: a single machine engine running without overhaul, set at 48,000 hours.

Qingdao port handles millions of tons of ore brought in by ships from around the world every day, presenting a major challenge for both equipment and workers. In addressing this challenge, Qingdao Port Group has set the world record for ore unloading efficiency in 2012, beating its previous record for the 18th time.

“The port uses our Cat wheel loaders almost every day once they are purchased,” said Zhang Yingxin, mobile mechanical team captain of Qiangang Company of Qingdao Port Group. “These machines have to deal with harsh working conditions in confined, dark, high-temperature and dusty areas where ore is handled. Fortunately, Cat wheel loaders are powerful and highly efficient, so the equipment doesn’t fail, even while working continuously in such harsh conditions. With such reliable equipment, it is easy for us to continue unloading even more efficiently.”

Caterpillar’s port handling solutions aren’t limited to Cat machines. Shandong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. (SEM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar, is providing SEM wheel loaders that also play an important role in the port industry.

In the Huanggang District of Qingdao port, thanks to their dexterity and reliability, SEM 650B, 50F-II and 652B wheel loaders provide critical support handling wood chips, coal and other similar cargo. In Qingdao port, SEM and Cat wheel loaders are working in unison to offer customized cargo solutions, offering better efficiency and greater value to customers.

In Rizhao and Weifang ports, SEM 660B, 650B, 652B and 630B wheel loaders are handling iron ore cargo and performing extraordinarily well thanks to their durability.

At the major ports around the country, Caterpillar is helping complete the most critical tasks. Whether it is ore loading and unloading, hold cleaning or efficient transportation of yard ore, Cat and SEM wheel loaders are contributing to the economic development of China.

Source: http://www.caterpillar.com/cda/layout?m=395195&x=7&id=4307081