Extendable Arm Option for Bobcat M-Series E42, E45 and E55 Compact Excavators

Bobcat offers an extendable arm option for the M-Series E42, E45 and E55 compact excavators. Models E42 and E45 excavators with the option feature a 24-inch range of motion with maximum dig depths of 12 feet 6 inches and 12 feet 10 inches, respectively. The Bobcat E55 excavator with extendable-arm option has a 30-inch range of motion and a maximum dig depth of 14 feet 7 inches; approximately 22 inches more dig depth than an E55 with the standard arm configuration. The extendable arm cylinder is operated through a rocker style thumb switch located on the joystick.

Source: http://www.constructionequipment.com/extendable-arm-option-bobcat-m-series-e42-e45-and-e55-compact-excavators