Caterpillar Introduces New Line of Gas Generator Sets

Demonstrating a commitment to provide its customers with reliable and efficient gas-fueled power generation systems, Caterpillar Inc. has introduced a new series of Cat® generator sets. The CG product line — consisting of the CG132, CG170 and CG260 — features electrical outputs ranging from 400 to 4,300 kWe. Available in both 50 Hz- and 60 Hz-rated models, CG generator sets are designed for maximum efficiency in extended-duty distributed generation and cogeneration (combined heat-and-power) applications.

This addition to the portfolio of Cat gas generator sets expands the range of options available to customers. Built for flexibility, CG generator sets can operate on gases of varying quality, including natural gas; biogases such as landfill, digester and sewage gas; coke gas; and coal mine methane. The new generator sets provide world-class total owning and operating costs and can be used in a variety applications, including industrial and commercial facilities, utilities, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, mines, greenhouses and farms. The products are being sold and supported through the Cat dealer network.

“At a time when energy efficiency and sustainability are on everyone’s minds, the release of the CG product line provides customers superior value by using the very latest in gas engine technology,” said Willy Schumacher, general manager of the Caterpillar electric power gas business. “With a full line of gas-fueled Cat generator sets, we can help our customers in a wide variety of industries be more successful.”

The CG product line is based on products with a proven history. A result of the previously announced acquisition of MWM Holding GmbH, the new CG product line comes with the experience of more than 5,800 units installed worldwide, delivering more than 7,000 MW of electrical power. Caterpillar customers benefit from the many years of technology development and the high levels of reliability built into each generator set.

The CG product line is designed to be operated with complete cogeneration/tri-generation systems and can achieve total plant efficiencies of up to 90%. These low-emission generator sets can be fitted with exhaust aftertreatment systems to further reduce emission levels.

Customer support agreements are available for the CG product line, ranging from simple inspection contracts up to full-service contracts. “Cat dealers have invested in people and resources to deliver the timely, professional support our customers deserve,” said Christian Oertel, global gas product support manager.

The focus on delivering the lowest owning and operating costs is common across the CG product line and is emphasized by the core technologies that the three generator set platforms share. High-efficiency performance is achieved by establishing precise control of combustion in individual cylinders, a technology that also increases generator set reliability by balancing the load of each cylinder across the engine. Long service intervals reduce maintenance costs; spark plug maintenance at 4,000 hours is among the longest service intervals in the industry for natural gas engines. The maintenance intervals for oil changes and spark plug replacement are designed to occur at the same time, reducing unit downtime. Optimized valve stem seals and anti-bore polishing rings reduce oil consumption.

All CG products feature the Total Electronic Management (TEM) control system. This flexible control system is designed to optimize the performance of the generator set while being powerful enough to control an entire power plant. The system can be adjusted to an individual customer’s project conditions and requirements, avoiding the complexity and additional investment in a power plant master control or auxiliary drive controls. This single master control can operate many accessories, such as cogeneration water pumps, fuel monitoring systems and downstream electrical distribution systems from a single, common touchscreen interface. The TEM system has a wide range of remote access options, allowing user control from a single touchscreen panel in the control room or any Internet-connected PC.

Cat® CG132-8 Gas Generator Set

The CG132 series includes 8-, 12- and 16-cylinder configurations that deliver electrical outputs ranging from 400 to 800 kWe. It was developed for high power output in a footprint that is up to 50% smaller than similar products, reducing installation costs and making it an ideal fit for containerized power plants.

With the highest electrical efficiency in its power class and long maintenance intervals, the CG132 series offers low owning and operating costs. The engine’s charge cycle has been optimized, resulting in increased efficiency. The closed crankcase ventilation and optimized turbocharger improve engine efficiency and lead to longer turbocharger service intervals. It consumes up to 50 percent less oil than some competitive models, a savings of 750 liters (198 gallons) of oil per year on a CG132-16.

Cat® CG170-12 Gas Generator Set

The CG170 series is engineered for efficiency and reliability and includes 12-, 16-, and 20-cylinder configurations that deliver electrical outputs ranging from 1000 to 2000 kWe. Its small footprint and high power output make it ideal as a containerized power plant.

The air-fuel mixture inlet section and the pre-chamber spark plugs have been optimized, improving combustion and increasing engine efficiency. Dead space in the combustion chamber is minimized, further increasing engine efficiency and decreasing hydrocarbon and CO emissions. The proprietary exhaust system optimizes gas routing with fewer parts, increasing the efficiency of the turbocharger and reducing maintenance costs. The turbocharger offers increased power performance with excellent load pick-up. It features a water-cooled bearing case, which eliminates the need for separate maintenance steps. Oil consumption is reduced by up to 50 percent relative to some competitive models, a savings of 1,900 liters (501 gallons) of oil per year on a CG170-20.

Cat® CG260-16 Gas Generator Set

The CG260 series includes 12- and 16-cylinder configurations. The 60 Hz-rated generators deliver electrical outputs from 3000 to 4000 kW; the 50 Hz-rated generators deliver electrical outputs from 3300 to 4300 kW. It was developed for a high power output with a power-to-weight ratio that is up to 40% better than similar products. It is easy to transport and fits well in small engine rooms or modular power plants. The CG260 can achieve full power in less than five minutes from starting, depending upon cooling system design.

A multivariable controller integrates all critical control functions on the engine, improving the dynamic load response and increasing the electrical efficiency. A standard closed crankcase breathing system increases efficiency and turbocharger maintenance intervals. When service is required, downtime is minimized by the use of complete cylinder kits, allowing rapid replacement of the entire cylinder liner, piston and cylinder head. It consumes 40 percent less oil than some competitive generator sets, a savings of 4,000 liters (1,056 gallons) of oil per year on a CG260-16 engine. The open combustion chamber allows the engine to operate on low-pressure gas without additional equipment or auxiliary fuel pumps. In addition, the soot-free combustion allows very long maintenance intervals for exhaust gas heat exchangers. With state-of-the-art turbo-charging, the CG260 can operate at full power with intake air temperatures up to 45°C (113°F). The exhaust wastegate enables stable performance at a wide variety of air intake temperatures and installation altitudes.

Caterpillar is a leader in the power generation marketplace with power systems engineered to deliver unmatched durability, reliability and value. The company offers worldwide product support, with parts and service available globally through the Cat authorized service and dealer network. In addition, dealer service technicians are trained to service every aspect of Cat equipment.

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