Caterpillar 994H Wheel Loader with Four Linkage Configurations

Cat 994H wheel loader has four loader linkage configurations that allow users to tailor the machine to various mining applications. It has a 1,463-horsepower Cat 3516B HD engine, operating weight of 431,000 pounds, and dump clearances from 19.2 feet to 23.3 feet. Bucket capacities range from 19.5 to 47 cubic yards. Lift configurations include standard, high lift, extended high lift, and super high lift. Cat planetary powershift transmission is specifically designed for mining applications, and an integral Impeller Clutch Torque Converter and Rimpull Control System allow the operator to precisely adjust power at the wheel by modulating rimpull from 100 to 25 percent. Positive Flow Control hydraulic system uses four electronically controlled, variable-displacement pumps that deliver up to 38 gpm at a main relief pressure of 4,750 psi. The Steering and Transmission Integrated Control System combines control of travel direction, steering and gear selection in a single controller. The unit has a rear-vision camera system as standard, with a radar-based object-detection system also available. The Vital Information Management System assesses machine performance in real time, including on-the-go weighing; payload recordkeeping; and performance analysis such as utilization, cycle time, and fuel usage.

Cat 994H Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Power (net): 1,463 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 430,858 pounds
  • Bucket capacity: 19.5 – 47 cubic yards
  • Rated payload, by maximum pin height:
    Standard lift: 38 tons at 26.7 feet
    High lift: 35 tons at 27.8 feet
    Extended high lift: 35 tons at 31.3 feet
    Super high lift: 35 tons at 33 feet


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