Badger 470TM Telescoping Boom Excavator

The new highway-speed 470TM Telescoping Boom Excavator delivers the mobility, versatility and efficiency of today’s municipalities demand.

Compared to a wheeled excavator, the 470TM can cut work time and man hours by more than 75%. It can be driven to the job site at highway speed by a single operator, eliminating the need for a team to load, transport and unload it from a trailer.

The 470TM also parks easily at roadside, can be up and running in minutes and its low profile lets you work in tight spaces and around obstructions.

This versatile excavator is ideal for budget-strapped local, county and federal agencies that need to do more with less.


Highway-speed mobility
Drive 60 mph to a freeway job site or shift into 4×4 mode to reach off-road locations. No matter
which truck-mounted unit you select, you’ll save time by cutting out the need for extra truck to
provide transport.

Flexibility in confined areas
With the boom fully lowered, the 470TM works to within a few feet of the carrier. And, with its shorter tail swing, the 470TM works in areas where other excavators can’t. When used for ditching, the 470TM Telescoping Boom Excavator will let traffic flow, even on narrow roads.

Rugged precision boom
The 470TM’s exclusive rectangular, fast-cycling boom holds accurate grade extended or retracted. Since the boom itself never pivots, maximum boom strength is maintained regardless of the bucket angle.

Full-featured hydraulic remote drive
At the jobsite, the upperstructure engine powers the carrier using a hydraulic motor attached to
the carrier’s transmission. From the upperstructure, the operator can control carrier speed,
direction and braking.

Exclusive wrist-action bucket
Our exclusive boom-tip hydraulic swivel holds its angle firmly for grading or contouring. It provides 180° of bucket tilt – 90° each way from horizontal – and is fully sealed against dirt and corrosion.

Precision-machined gear-drive turntable
A hydraulic motor provides 360° of continuous rotation on a ball-bearing turntable. For long life and smooth operation, the mating surfaces are precision machined to very fine tolerances using a computer-controlled boring mill.

Extra heavy-duty Badger carriers
Truck-mounted 470TMs are built on a 42 in. wide reinforced, form plate, trapezoidal section box
frame designed specifically for these excavators. Cross members are integrally welded and
distribute working loads equally. The swing-bearing mounting structure is welded integrally to the
frame adding to its strength.

Trouble-free fluid power system

The sealed reservoir has a built-in filter and a visual sight glass. An oil filter condition light is provided in the cab. All cylinders have precision-honed barrels and chrome-plated rods and use bolt-on heads for simplified maintenance.

The 470TM Telescoping Boom Excavator also features:

  • Hydraulically assisted power steering
  • Isolation-mounted cab with sound deadening
  • Sound-insulated engine compartment
  • Safety-glass windows
  • Auto leveling
  • 10-speed manual or automatic transmissions
  • 14-leaf front suspension with snubbers and spring stops
  • Cast-steel equalizer beams
  • Rear-wheel brakes, spring set and pneumatically released
  • Optional retracting railroad guide wheels

Click here to download the Badger 470TM Specification Guide.