Excavating Solutions & IDigBest Company Profile

WP BANNERExcavating Solutions and IDigBest are sister companies specializing in innovative advancements for the heavy equipment industry.  Their mission is to be an industry leader in delivering labor and fuel savings, while reducing operator fatigue and errors through a lineup of patented highly efficient products.

IDigBest is technology based, focusing on grade assist/ machine control for excavators, skid steers and proprietary grading attachments.  IDigBest has developed a revolutionary dig system capable of assisting the operator to hold grade while steering the bucket through the soil.  The system seamlessly works with the operator to maintain the feel and comfort of the machine.

The system can be used as a stand-alone 2D system or combined with our GPS receiver for full 3D modeling.  Our Plan Builder software ties the jobsite plans together effortlessly to view, make changes, share, load DXF files between multiple devices in the field or from the office.  Many exciting produce soon to be released.

Excavating Solutions is the design and manufacture arm of the collaboration.  Focused on developing, designing and manufacturing specialty buckets and attachments for excavators and skid steers is the core of its operation.  Drawing on 25 years of operating a successful full service-excavating firm has given the company a strong inside perspective on the needs of the contractor.    The lineup of buckets and attachments includes Trencher Fangs, Roller Graders, Dozer Buckets, Automatic Pipe Laying Trench Box and many more.

You can view all of Excavating Solutions Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.