Atlantic Assets, LLC Dealer Profile

Altantic Asset

R&D: Tell us about your company’s history.

Atlantic Assets: Atlantic Assets is proud to be partnered with Strickland Direct LTD to provide the highest quality of excavator demolition attachments in the U.S. and abroad. Together, we are able to offer our customers a top quality demolition attachment at an affordable price. The quality of materials and workmanship has been proven over the past 12 plus years since we first started providing Strickland attachments to our customers.

R&D: What type of machinery/trucks/trailers do you keep in inventory?

Atlantic Assets: New Strickland concrete pulverizers and grapples for most 20-35ton excavators along with used excavator attachments.

R&D: What are the sources of your used inventory?

Atlantic Assets: We look to purchase used inventory from any source available along with customer trade in units.

R&D: Tell us about your financing and warranty options:

Atlantic Assets: We do not offer in house financing. The new Strickland attachments come with the full manufactures warranty.

R&D: What kind of buying experience can potential customers expect?

Atlantic Assets: Dedicated to outstanding service and strait forward communication.

R&D: Do you take trades?

Atlantic Assets: Yes, upon approval.

R&D: Does your company offer parts? If so, tell us about what type of parts you offer:

Atlantic Assets: Yes, only for Strickland attachments.

R&D: How many locations does your company have and where are they located?

Atlantic Assets: 1 location / Marlton, NJ 08053

R&D: What are some ways your dealership differs from most others?

Atlantic Assets: We are a small family business and we value every call, every opportunity to earn our customer’s business. If we do not have an attachment in stock or acceptable lead time, we do our best to locate a new or used option through our vast customer and dealer network.

R&D: What else would you like potential buyers to know about your company?

Atlantic Assets: The quality of workmanship and materials of the Strickland attachments has placed Strickland among the best manufactures we have seen and worked with which has been verified by the feedback from our customers over the past decade.

R&D: Are you running any promotions this month?

Atlantic Assets: Summer sale on all inventory units…call for details!

You can view all of Atlantic Asset’s Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.  For more information about this company contact them at:

Atlantic Assets, LLC
890 East Route 70, Suite B, Marlton, NJ 08053
Phone: 855-789-7446