Caterpillar Equipment: A Century-Long Standard of Excellence

With machines equipped for work in over a dozen industries, Caterpillar is one of the world’s largest and most diverse manufacturers of heavy equipment. However, Caterpillar has not always been an industry giant. Similar to hundreds of other businesses, Caterpillar started small and grew rapidly.

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Caterpillar’s first pieces of equipment were track-type tractors, a piece of equipment still manufactured by the company. The tenacity and performance of these small bulldozers paved the way for Caterpillar’s coming expansion. Today, after more than a century of innovation, Caterpillar equipment provides an example that other equipment manufacturers strive to follow.

A glance at Caterpillar’s current model lineup displays the diversification of today’s heavy equipment. Not only does Cat make more than 25 types of equipment, but each type of equipment also comes in a variety of sizes. For example, Caterpillar’s smallest off-highway truck, the Caterpillar 770, has a payload class of 40 tons, the approximate weight of a semi truck. Its largest cousin, the Cat 777G, has a payload of almost 100 tons. Because of the diversity of Caterpillar equipment, construction companies can find the right type of machine to fit their needs.

Despite the diversity of Cat machines, it does maintain several key standards in all of its equipment. Two of the most notable of these standards are power and efficiency. Because Caterpillar is also a manufacturer of diesel engines for on-highway, marine, and power generation applications, it has a reliable source of power trains for its other products. The power and efficiency of Caterpillar equipment is derived from these legendary engines, thus Cat’s engine division is constantly improving the efficiency, reliability, and performance of its products.

Another standard of Caterpillar equipment is comfort. To ease the strain of working long hours in a machine, Caterpillar has developed ergonomic, climate-controlled, high-tech cab designs. These improvements provide a safer work environment that is inviting to quality laborers and is beneficial to company performance.

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