Caterpillar Bulldozers: Power and Performance for Generations

For many decades, Caterpillar track-type tractors have been a standard of excellence in the construction, forestry and mining industries. Throughout their existence, Caterpillar bulldozers have been a source of support, both in war and in peace. In reality, the success of Caterpillar crawler tractors comes from their model range and their innovative design.

From the 9 ton D3K to the 125-ton D11T, Caterpillar has a bulldozer for every job. The diversity of Caterpillar bulldozers does not stop on the outside.   All current models of Cat track-type tractors are designed with operator comfort in mind. In addition, the reliability and performance of Caterpillar crawler tractors is universal. One of the central sources of this reliability is Cat’s self-made drive train, featured in all of its track-type tractors. By producing the engine and drive train in-house, Caterpillar certifies that all of its machines receive the engine they need. The comfort found in Caterpillar bulldozer cabs is generated by the temperature-controlled, ergonomic, state-of-the-art design that Caterpillar engineers have continued to perfect. Another standard amongst all Caterpillar equipment such as the crawler tractors is customization. With the available assortment of blades, rippers, and other options, Caterpillar track-type tractors can be designed to fit any field of work.

Innovation is one of Caterpillar’s paths to success, and Cat’s track-type tractors share the advancements found in Cat’s other product lines. Some fifty years in the past, bulldozers featured open-top cabs, simple metal levers, and fume-belching engines. With improved technologies and safety measures, these crawler dozers gained a roof over the cab, better seating, and more ergonomic controls. Today, Caterpillar track-type tractors contain closed cabs, climate control, joysticks, touch-screens, ergonomic seating, and fuel-efficient, low-emission engines. On top of these visible improvements, Caterpillar has introduced revolutionary computer-based technologies, which allow bulldozer operators to automatically perform specific tasks. One of these systems, Cat’s Auto Blade Control, will set the angle of the dozer blade to maintain a specific incline angle.

All in all, Caterpillar’s constant drive for improvement is leading towards a safer, more-efficient work environment one that all bulldozer operators can appreciate. With their history of performance, Caterpillar track-type tractors have the power, reliability, and design necessary for any job. Whether it is a D8 for a road-building project in Alaska, or a D5K for a landscaping job in Florida, Caterpillar bulldozer equipment for sale can be found at Rock & Dirt. Caterpillar bulldozer equipment for sale will enhance any business’s performance and lead to greater capability for greater projects.