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In the United States, customer choice is a way of life. It is apparent in all establishments from the grocery store to the equipment dealership. Of the dozens of heavy equipment manufacturersin America, only one has a history extending before the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, successful operations in both agriculture and construction, and a range of models engineered to fit every need, no matter the size. This trendsetter is none other than Case.

One of the stanchions of every heavy equipment lineup is the bulldozer. Case dozers, with their strength, performance, and best-in-class design, are a foundation on which all other Case models are centered. From the 74 horsepower 650L to the 185 horsepower 1850K, Case dozers are designed with the operator in mind. On top of their solid design, a variety of options allows each dozer to be spec’d for a specific purpose. The most notable of these options are cab enclosures, blades and rippers, and adverse weather packages.

Although a standard part of trucks, wheel loaders, and cranes, enclosed cabs are not a standard feature on dozers. Case gives equipment purchasers the option of a closed cab or covered cab. For situations where a glass enclosure would suffer damage from flying debris, Case offers screens for the sides and rear of the cab to protect the operator from injury.

Because there are many functions for bulldozers, a proper blade size allows the machine to move material without overtaxing the engine. Case offers a minimum of three blade sizes on all of its crawler dozers. The 750L offers five blade sizes. On the other end of the dozer, rippers can be added to every one of Case’s six models. The 650L through the 1150K give operators a choice of five positions for the shanks while the 1650L and 1850K each have three slots.

Case also provides options for adverse weather situations. All cab enclosures provide a heater and air conditioner, windshield wipers, and lighting. Additional lighting is also available for work in dark environments. For cold weather, a cold starting system with an additional battery can be added to the dozer to provide quicker starts in winter conditions.

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