Introducing the Bron Mulcher Series

Also referred to as a Brush Tractor, the Bron Mulcher is the right machine to tackle jobs such as right of way clearing for seismic lines, electric and hydro lines, pipelines, clearing for commercial sites, recreational trails, golf courses, building lots, and forestry fireguards.

The Bron Mulcher (Brush tractor) has wide tracks that provide stability and lower ground pressure.

The Bron Mulcher (Brush tractor) is designed with an upfront cab, providing clear visibility with fingertip controls. Our Mulcher (Brush tractor) surrounds the operator in comfort with ergonomic seat, climate control and easy to read gauges.

The Bron Mulcher (Brush tractor) is available in many various models to suit your company’s unique needs.

Available models include the 275, 300, 440/475, 500, and 700.