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Ditch Witch® Trencher Safety & Operation – Ditch Witch compact walk-behind trenchers are extremely reliable, durable, and easy to use. To get the most out of each machine you must learn to maintain and operate it properly. The video focuses on proper operation of walk-behind trenchers. This video is not a substitute for the operators’ manual. Before operating the machine read the machine on the machine or at ditchwitch.com/resources. Learn proper operating, loading and unloading techniques for Ditch Witch walk-behind trenchers.

Ditch Witch Trenchless Equipment Safety – The underground utility community is growing faster than ever. You need to be prepared to get the job done and get it done safely. This video will help you be aware of potential hazards and learn best practices for drilling properly. It is not a substitute for the operators’ manual. Before you use your drill read and understand the manual which can be found on our machine or at ditchwitch.com. The resources section of the Ditch Witch website features an extensive list of safety guidelines you should read and review frequently. This video focuses on tips for safely and efficiently operating Ditch Witch horizontal directional drilling (HDD) equipment. Ditch Witch HDD equipment is designed to efficiently install utility lines without destroying turf.

Ditch Witch Compact Utility Equipment Safety – Tips for safely and efficiently operating Ditch Witch compact utility equipment, which includes mini skid steers and excavator-tool carriers. Always read the operators’ manual before operating a machine. A safe job begins before you leave for the jobsite. The video will focus on the pre-work inspection, loading & transporting, preparation, and potential hazards. Underground construction equipment today has more built in safety features than ever before, but the most important component for safe operation on a jobsite is you, the equipment operator. It’s your responsibility to know that to do and make sure the equipment is ready to go to work, to safely load and transport the equipment, to thoroughly inspect the area you’ll be working in and avoid potential hazards, to work safely on slopes and side hills, and to keep other members of the crew out of the job zone.

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