Bobcat Compact Excavator Inspection and Maintenance Tips

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We found some great videos about Bobcat Loader Maintenance and Inspections:

Inspect Your Bobcat Compact Excavator: It’s important to perform daily inspections on your Bobcat compact excavator. Instructions are necessary before servicing or operating your Bobcat excavator. Read and understand the operation and maintenance manual, operator’s handbook and decals on the machine. Follow warnings and instructions in the manual when making repairs, adjustments or servicing. Check for correct function after adjustments, repairs or service. Untrained operators and failure to follow instructions can cause injury or death. It’s important to inspect any machine before you operate it. This video highlights important things to look for before you operate your Bobcat compact excavator.

Grease Your Bobcat Compact Excavator: Regular greasing is crucial to extending the life of your Bobcat compact excavator. Not greasing could cause excessive pin wear, loose connections in the structures and failures of pins. There is a service schedule decal showing required service information and grease points. Each of these should be greased at least every 8 to10 hours or more if working in very abrasive, dusty conditions. This video highlights proper greasing of your Bobcat compact excavator.

Bobcat Compact Excavator Track Tension: Proper track tension on your Bobcat compact excavator ensures top performance, extends the life of the undercarriage, minimizes downtime and reduces wear on the track drive components. Tracks must not be too loose or too tight. Tracks that are too tight can rob power and cause damage or accelerated wear to the rollers, sprockets and drive motor. Track tension on the excavator should be checked every 50 hours. This video highlights how to check the track tension.

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