Bair Products Wheel Kit Installation & Hydraulic Track Tensioner Videos

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We found some great videos about Bair Wheel Kits & the Bair Hydraulic Track Tensioner:

Bair Products high quality undercarriage parts were created with first-hand knowledge and on the jobsite experience from an active third generation family owned commercial excavating and site utility contractor in the Kansas City area, Larry Bair. The inventor of Larry Lugs and his team have designed and engineered all of their products to solve problems, decrease downtime, and increase the undercarriage longevity of compact loaders.

Bair Products Hub Style Wheel Kit: This video illustrates how to install a Hub Style Wheel Kit. The advantage of Bair’s grease-able alloy wheel assembly over the rubber plastic factory version is that this wheel is designed bearing pre-load adjustable. A factory wheel is not pre-load adjustable.

Bair Products Super Two Bolt on Wheel Kit: This video illustrates how to install the Super Two Bolt-on Wheel Kit on the Caterpillar 247/257A, 247/257 Straight B, 247/257 B Series 2 & Series 3; and ASV & Terex 30/50/60/70 machines. This kit upgrades older hub-style wheel undercarriages to a grease-able bolt on wheel system similar to the CAT B Series 2 or the Terex PT undercarriages. Each kit comes complete with all the components needed to replace one pair of wheels and installation instructions to do a professional installation. The kit includes an axle that is 100% larger than the factory axle to provide extra strength.

Bair Products Hydraulic Track Tensioner: Bair Products has a better idea to adjust track tension than the tradition factory jack screw. The Bair Hydraulic Cylinder makes it a quick and easy operation to have perfect track tension.

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