The Hilti DD EC-1 Diamond Coring System –Versatility and Efficiency Combined

The DD EC-1 diamond coring system from Hilti is not only powerful, efficient, versatile and packed full of features, it is also extremely easy to use and kind on the operator.

When it comes to demanding diamond drilling jobs, the Hilti DD EC-1 Coring System is loaded with features that allow it to tackle a range of diamond drilling applications. Weighing 5.7kg with a core bit range of between 8mm and 35mm, the DD EC-1 can comfortably drill through a range of materials including steel-reinforce concrete, marble, sandstone, natural stone and a wide range of tiles.

Throughout this post I would like to explore the Hilti DD EC-1 and its various benefits in further detail.

Hilti DD EC-1

Highly Versatile

The DD EC-1 is a highly versatile diamond core drilling system. Thanks to the new range of DDC core bits ranging from 8-35mm and new Top Spin coring technology, the DD EC-1 can easily drill through various materials including steel reinforced concrete, marble, sandstone and tiles up to a depth of 600mm.

The DD EC-1 can also be used in a range of different sensitive diamond drilling environments. Thanks to the built-in drilling slurry extraction system, the DD EC-1 leaves no slurry behind. Furthermore, structural integrity can be assured due to the non-percussive nature of the coring system.

Highly Mobile

Another great feature of the Hilti DD EC-1 is the fact that it’s highly mobile and can be used in areas of limited access. Due to its lightweight nature, it only weighs 5.7kg; the coring system can easily be transported to remote areas that have limited access. In addition, mobility is further enhanced due to the fact that the DD EC-1 can work independently from external water supplies using the DD-REC 1 water recycling unit.

Operator Friendly

Finally, the Hilti DD EC-1 is very kind on the diamond drilling operator. As mentioned previously the DD EC-1 weighs only 5.7kg, meaning that it is less tiring to use. The DD EC-1 also has a very low noise output and provides vibration free drilling, reducing the risk of vibration related workplace injuries. The coring system is also extremely clean and produces no dust and no dirty water.

Submitted by: Graham Urquhart

Graham Urquhart is a former project manager and keen construction blogger. Graham writes for Corecut, the UK’s leading supplier of diamond drilling services and other construction equipment.