The Brokk Robolition 260 Mega: Delivering Powerful, Safe & Versatile Remote Controlled Demolition

The Brokk 260 demolition machine is consistently one the most in demand demolition machines. Not only is the machine extremely powerful, it is also unbelievably agile and versatile enough to work in even the tightest spaces.

When it comes to demanding remote controlled demolition jobs, the Brokk 260 is loaded with features that allow it to tackle a range of controlled demolition applications. Weighing 6724 lbs, with a reach in excess of 19.69 feet, the Brokk 260 remote controlled demolition machine can comfortably hydraulically crunch concrete that’s been reinforced up to 20.47 inches thick.

During this blog post I would like to explain the Brokk 260 demolition machine and its various benefits in further detail.

Extremely Powerful

The Brokk 260 is an extremely powerful controlled demolition machine. Despite only weighing 6724 lbs, the Brokk 260 has an equivalent power to conventional demolition machines that are five times its weight. The unit comes with an electric motor capable of producing 22kW of power and slewing speed of 18 sec/360°. This means the Brokk 260 can hydraulically crunch concrete that has been reinforced up to 20.47 inches thick.

Brokk 260

Highly Mobile

A further highly beneficial feature of the Brokk 260 is the fact that it is highly mobile and can be used in tight spaces. Weighing only 6724 lbs the Brokk 260 is compact enough to work in confined spaces and is able to pass through standard doorways. Furthermore, the Brokk 260 is even able to climb stairs meaning that it can perform controlled demolition work on upper floors.

What’s more, thanks to the low noise and low vibration output, the Brokk 260 controlled demolition machine can be used in existing buildings without too much disruption.

Operator Friendly

Finally, the Brokk 260 is extremely friendly on the controlled demolition operator. Firstly, the Brokk 260 demolition machine can be operated remotely from up to 98 feet away. This means that the operator is protected from falling debris while performing demolition tasks. Furthermore, thanks to its remote operation, the operator is protected from risk of hand or arm vibration syndrome. Finally, the safety of the Brokk 260 is further enhanced by the fact that it is completely electric and fume free.

Submitted by: Graham Urquhart

Graham Urquhart is a former project manager and keen construction blogger. Graham writes for Corecut, the UK’s leading supplier of diamond drilling services, controlled demolition and other construction equipment.