Liebherr R 996 Transportation Sets Record For Largest Excavator Moved

NEWS_2014_03_07_rdax_300x169A focused team of workers, along with six trucks, accomplished the daunting task of transporting a fully assembled Liebherr R 996 B hydraulic excavator from one mine site to its new home – making this the largest excavator ever moved in the history of Australia. To set this new record, workers used six Prime mover trucks to simultaneously push and pull the 675-ton (744-short ton) excavator from the Christmas Creek mine, owned by Fortescue Metals Group, to its new worksite – the Solomon mines. Fortescue hired 20 employees from Mammoet Australia to load the excavator onto 24 twin-axle (384 wheels) Goldholfer platforms and transport it a total of 142 miles (230 km) without incident. The transport crew worked for 12 hours per day and moved approximately 2.5 miles per hour (4 km/h). The undertaking took a full six days to reach the Solomon mine. The transport went smoothly with no apparent damage to the massive hydraulic excavator, and the operation eliminated much of the costs normally associated with dismantling and reassembly of a machine of this size. This Liebherr R 996 B excavator, which the company recently commissioned, will be added to a lineup of thirteen other Liebherr mining machines ready to work at the Solomon mine site.


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