John Deere 643K Wheeled Feller Buncher

The most comfortable seat in the woods.

This cab is a keeper — so comfortable it will keep you in the woods, working. The 643K’s cab is welcoming and spacious, as well as efficiently designed for maximum productivity. You’ll appreciate the clear and expansive sight lines, the air-ride suspension seat, and the well-lit Standard Display Monitor (SDM). Instantly check your saw-speed rpm to know when the cutting can begin. The SDM also lets you check your saw speed, fuel levels, and temperature — without bringing work to a standstill.

Key Features

  • Fast ground speed and saw recovery
  • Durable, reliable hydraulic and electrical plumbing
  • Best-in-class cooling system and fuel efficiency
  • Heavy-duty axles deliver under the toughest circumstances


  • Fast ground speed and saw recovery jump-start the wood flow going to the landing.
  • Exclusive to John Deere, TeamMate IV™ 1400 heavy-duty (HD) axles, both front and rear, deliver the tractive effort and stability your cutter needs to climb hills.
  • High-performing heads are both durable and precise.
  • Closed-circuit differential lockis simplified; and by design, axle oil is not shared with any system, which improves oil quality.
  • In-cab saw-speed rpm indicatoris a green light that signals the operator when the saw rpm has reached top speed and is ready to cut. Speed settings are adjustable to your operator and jobsite needs.
  • Digital saw-speed indicatorallows operators to see a digital readout on the SDM for reference.

Cab and Monitor

  • Smooth controls and a quiet cab keep you comfortable and productive on long workdays.
  • AM/FM radio and CD playerwith remote-mounted speakers. Includes plug-n-play-ready mounting system for your own CB, too.
  • Air conditioningwith vents placed in front of and around the operator delivers the utmost in operator comfort. Fresh air filter is easily accessible from the ground.
  • Air-ride suspension seatis standard on K-Series machines for supreme operator comfort and productivity. Fully adjustable suspension seat, armrests, and backrest, and joysticks strategically located at the armrests provide additional operator comfort.
  • Tinted polycarbonate windowsprovide an unobstructed view to the rear tires and bumper. At 25 x 18 inches, the skylight is one of the industry’s largest, giving the operator better visibility and a third exit. Side windows slide open.
  • Joysticks with smooth, responsive hydraulicsrequire less effort from the operator, which means better control and less fatigue. And operators get a more comfortable grip when traveling through the woods. Lever or wheel steering available.
  • SDM and other easy-to-read gaugesmake it easy to keep track of your fuel and engine temperature, and are designed and located for your operator’s ergonomic comfort.
  • Plenty of easily accessible storage areas.


  • Durable, reliable hydraulic and electrical plumbing keeps your cutter cutting — so you can focus on business.
  • Heavy-duty axles and other performance features deliver stability and hill climbing power under the toughest circumstances.
  • Hydraulic hoseshave a simplified routing pattern, and are better protected for greater hose longevity. New articulation plumbing routings provide added protection from falling debris.
  • Electrical routingsare centralized in the load-center compartment and easily accessible behind the secondary door.
  • Switches are positioned for optimal ergonomics and reliability.
  • Pilot manifold and pump manifold leverage reliable components. Low- and high-pressure manifold circuits are separated, resulting in lasting durability.
  • Tilt-cylinder guard and plumbing ensure solid hose connections.
  • Special plumbing design protects against debris and costly under-the-cab buildup.
  • With a closed-center diff-lock, fewer components and cleaner axle oil lead to better durability — and getting out of tough spots is quicker and easier.
  • The air-intake design minimizes the impact of debris and buildup under the hood. The machine runs cooler, so your time in the woods is spent working, not waiting.


  • Sucker fan is designed to draw air through the rear and out the sides to significantly reduce buildup under the cab and around the engine manifold.
  • Automatic reversible cooling fankeeps debris buildup to a minimum — blowing leaves and other debris off the grill — keeping the engine running cooler, and eliminating the downtime usually needed for maintenance.

Maintenance/Low Daily Operating Costs

  • How’s your wheeled feller buncher’s fuel efficiency? Has it changed over time? When is it due for maintenance? With JDLink Ultimate, log into your account on the JDLink website, and find the answers that will help you manage your business better.
  • SDMprovides an at-a-glance, in-cab view of machine health.
  • Tilting cabmakes access to vital components and the engine easier.
  • Load-center compartment,located behind the secondary door exit, gives quick and easy access to fuses and relays.
  • Swing-out A/C condenserallows easy cleaning of the hydraulic oil cooler, radiator, and charge air cooler. Side-by-side coolers make for easy cleaning.
  • Hydraulic oil-change intervalat 2,000 hours means less maintenance.

Other Features and Options

  • Standard on all K-Series models, the light package makes early mornings and late nights on the job a lot easier on the operator’s eyes.
  • Massive housing, bigger axle, and larger-diameter hubs with thicker wheel flanges deliver durability when running duals in wet ground. Choose optional Super-Wide Extreme-Duty Axles (SWEDA™) for front axles only or for both front and rear.
  • JDLink™ provides location, diagnostic alerts, and machine- and saw-utilization data that help customers keep their machine at optimal performance.

Click here to download the John Deere 643K Brochure.



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