JCB 722 Articulated Dump Truck

The 22 Ton capacity 722 is the largest model in the JCB range of ADT’s. With more power and its ability to carry more payload than its lighter family members, the 722 has all the key features that are expected of this size of machine. With the JCB patented front suspension, similar to that used on the 718, the 722 gives an extremely comfortable ride whether laden or not, ensuring fast cycle times whatever the ground conditions. It’s the perfect machine for rental companies, contractors, house builders, landfill sites, quarries, sandpits, forestry and many more.

The 722 is driven by a 6.7 liter QSB Cummins engine producing 270 gross hp at 2400 rpm allowing top speeds of 31 mph. The engine itself features low noise levels, improved efficiency and boasts high performance ensuring low operating costs while complying fully with North American and European off-highway emissions regulations.

A Bosch in-line fuel pump provides optimum low speed torque and reduced smoke by precisely matching fuel/air mixture across the operational speed. An additional Wastegated Turbocharger provides higher cylinder injection pressures, resulting in cleaner combustion. JCB’s ADT range features a ZF Smooth-shift transmission that provides excellent performance with smooth gear changes which help reduce operator fatigue. The transmission provides 6 forward and 3 reverse gears with a choice of either automatic or manual operation interchangeable on route. Constant 6 wheel drive, with longitudinal lock up of all axles at the touch of a button. Super Max Trac limited slip differentials are fitted as standard which automatically engage to maximize traction in even the softest conditions. To compliment the power provided by the engine and transmission, the 722 boasts a cast center articulation design with 360-degree oscillation, ensuring the cab always remains vertical. A power assisted dual-braking system is used, with single caliper actuation per disc for safe and effective retardation. The calipers themselves are positioned on the hub to maximize their protection. The spacious operator’s cab is center-mounted on the front frame of the machine giving good all round visibility and stability. Visibility is further improved with the sloping engine hood design. The cab itself is Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) approved for operator safety.

An air suspension seat, seat belt, extra training seat, tilt steering and air conditioning are all fitted as standard with a variety of options available to suit individual needs. The cab itself is isolated from the chassis minimizing noise and vibration which in return reduces operator fatigue during long shifts. All switches, including body dump lever, gear selection, direction indicators, windshield wipers and heater controls are within easy reach of the operator. The JCB Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) monitors all vital functions and communicates information easily to the operator. In the event of a system failure, the EMS shuts the machine down, protecting both the operator and the machine. An additional data logging facility enables functional performance to be registered for a comprehensive service record. The EMS also has a added safety benefit, allowing only first gear to be selected when the body of the machine is in the raised position. The 722 also features a suspension system which the EMS controls to ensure that the same ride height is maintained whether the machine is loaded or unloaded. As well as this active front suspension, the 722 incorporates a rear ‘bogie beam’ suspension linking the two rear axles, which ensures good ground contact at all time.
The 722 uses a variable displacement piston pump design providing an extremely responsive and efficient hydraulic system. The hydraulic system also features a ground driven emergency steer pump for added saftey in the unlikely event of an engine shut down. The hydraulic tank is situated on the front-right of the machine, with the filler located on the top of the tank for easy access. The rear chassis of the 722 Articulated Dump Truck is made from high tensile strength steel and has large box section reinforcements for rigidity and resistance to loading forces. Tip is achieved via dual acting single-stage dump cylinders that are mounted on the outside of the body. The body of the 722 is low and wide, providing a low center of gravity and giving a low load over height and a wide target for excavator or loader operators. The rear of the body has a 25-degree scow to retain material on steep haul roads. The improved 74-degree dump angle insures fast and complete material discharge even on an incline. With a 15.7 cu yd capacity, the 722 achieves a dumping time of 13.0 seconds, and an 11 second lowering time for quick cycles to increase productivity on the job.

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