Hitachi EX8000-6 Excavators & Shovels

Big-time productivity every minute

There’s no job too big for the EX8000-6. It’s our largest mining shovel ever, and it delivers incredible arm crowding, breakout force and horsepower. So when you need to handle huge jobs and want giant productivity, the EX8000-6 is the perfect fit.

Product highlights

  • Pairs with Hitachi EH5000AC-3 rigid frame trucks.
  • Delivers powerful 293,000 kgf (645,000 lbf) arm crowding force and 227,000 kgf (501,000 lbf) of breakout force.
  • Cab size is nearly double that of our EX5600-6, for even greater comfort and productivity.
  • Hydraulic system uses flow-assist and make-up valves for increased performance.
  • Great environmental performance – two Cummins QSK60C engines generate 2900 kW (3,800 gross horsepower) while meeting EPA Tier 2 emission regulations.
  • Intelligent multi-display monitor shows data and operating status at a glance.

Electric-powered option

The EX8000E-6 is our super-giant electric excavator that offers a ton of advantages – easy controllability, mobility, durability, low maintenance and high operator comfort. You also get incredible arm crowding, breakout force, horsepower and a reliable electric motor. It’s the biggest breakthrough ever. In addition to the highlights above, the electronic option also features:

  • Outstanding environmental performance – the Hitachi TFOA-KK electric motor delivers 2x 1200 kW (2x 1,609 hp), with no emissions.
Efficient hydraulics

Efficient hydraulics

Hitachi’s computer-aided Engine-Pump Control produces optimum efficiency from the engine and hydraulic pumps. This innovative system senses load demand and controls the engine and pump output for maximum operating efficiency.

Solid construction

Solid construction

Computer-assisted analysis is used to ensure the frame box can withstand heavy-duty excavation work. The machine’s track frame, which is used exclusively on large Hitachi models, is cast as a solid unit and includes a flange for improved reliability. Our shoes include roller guides for extended service life.

Assets/increased flow speed

Flow-assist system

Using the meter-in valves, ample-capacity make-up valves, and flow-assisting pumps, the flow speed is increased in cylinders for dynamic actions. This is especially relevant between dumping and digging. The result is a short cycle time, not much longer than the smaller EX5500-6.

Lower rollers, track links and drive tumblers

Lower rollers, track links and drive tumblers

The EX8000-6 features newly designed rugged lower rollers, track links and drive tumblers to sustain the excavator’s giant body for assets/increased durability and serviceability.

Ergonomically designed cab

Ergonomically designed cab

You’ll love the cab for the EX8000-6.The ergonomic layout means you’ll do less stretching and reaching. The roomier seat and cab will make you feel comfortable and well supported, with plenty of leg room. And the high height and forward-sloping cab provides a view that boosts productivity. The cab is pressurized to keep out dust while maintaining a comfortable temperature.


Cab utility space

With an expansive cab area, you’ll have plenty of utility space behind the operator’s seat and training seat to hold a table, microwave and refrigerator. This allows for a full 24-hour-a-day operation for higher productivity.

Click here to download the Hitachi EX8000-6 Specifications.


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