Construction Seeing Increase in Paperless Job Sites

paperless constructionWith workflow software and electronic document management solutions readily available, construction executives are now empowered to do more with technology on work sites than ever have before. Devices such as tablets and smartphones have made operations easier on construction professionals. The right technology can provide many benefits and aid in green construction initiatives.


With workflow automation and document management, many of the mundane, manual tasks are no longer required. Emailing, data entry, finding documents-all of these time consuming processes can be handled automatically. This allows workers to focus on value added activities rather than manual tasks.

Increased Collaboration

Creating a paperless job site where contractors, subcontractors and architectures can use technology for improved information accessing and sharing, which allows for a streamlined process for reviewing and editing documents. This allows construction workers to be much more collaborative. Members are able to initiate workflow and construction processes as well as access critical job site information remotely. This dramatically increases the collaboration at a work site and allows people to work with one another more easily and effectively.

Improved Information Access

The existing limitations of transportation and availability make paperless technology even more important. People at a job site can easily access information through the document management that would otherwise have to be printed, shipped, manually found or drawn up well in advance to make sure the day goes smoothly. Having all your company information in one spot ensures compliances with regulations, codes and guidelines. Using a paperless method will essentially save a large amount of time and money for every level of a project.

Construction Informer describes the case of the 100,000-square-foot Overlook Center project over in Waltham, Massachusetts, which was in its final stages. The company used a PDF creation, markup and editing solution, which Jake Chace, LEED AP project manager, described as easy to use.

“Everything went well and pretty much as we planned,” the company said. “We were able to do submittals, RFIs, etc. It wasn’t difficult to get the subcontractors on board. Some of them were already using it, and if they weren’t, we just walked them through it, and they had no problem working from the PDF.”

Construction companies looking to improve efficiency, conserve paper and save money should look into how an electronic document management can fit into its operations. Not only can it improve their core processes, but can be beneficial for all of their operations; accounting, human resources and more.

Submitted by: Samantha McCollough