Doosan S300LC-7 Excavator


The fuel effeciency and reliability of SOLAR 300LC-7 have a direct impact on its procuctivity. Air-to-air intercooler engine with powerful performance and hydrulic excavator controlled


By engine and EPOS, with a cost/performance ratio that makes the SOLAR 300LC-7 even more appealing.


The advanced hydraulic system combined with a powerful engine provides for powerful excavation and work efficiency as well as the highest breakout force. Thanks to filter provided for purifying interior air,air quality inside the cabin is maintained.


As equipment status can be checked by PC in SMS, thereby extending the life of equipment. Doosan always strives for profit and happiness of customer and your wise selection will keep you happy and prosperous for years to come.

Working Environment

Wide opeartor cabin(meeting ISO and fops standards) space gives wide all round visibility reducing blind spots. Care has been taken to ensure low noise(74dB) and low vibration providing safe and ergonomic operating environment.